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Concrete countertops are widely utilized for kitchens and bathrooms. These come in a broad range of colors and designs to suit your needs. Maintenance of these countertops is essential when it comes to increasing their life. The use of sealants ensures the protection of your countertops. Irrespective of the kind of sealant used, the imperative thing that you assure is whether the sealer adheres correctly to the countertop.

A dust-free, clean and dry countertop is an essential part of the sealing procedure. It is vital to read the label before applying the sealant, and you must wear rubber gloves to protect your hands. Read on for a step by step guide:

Environment Counts
Before applying the sealer, it is imperative to have a dust-free environment. For this you will need to incorporate ample amounts of ventilation. The sealant tends to dry up quickly, which is why use of fans should be avoided.

Clean your concrete Countertops
Using a soft cloth, wipe down the countertop by using a mix of dish detergent and water. Rinse the countertop and let it dry before putting on the sealer.

Apply the Sealer
You must apply the sealer in thin coats to ensure sealing the concrete countertop properly. Wipe the sealer on the concrete countertop with a paintbrush, cloth, or paint roller. You will have to complete the application quickly to prevent streaking the countertop.

Perform a Water Drop Test
After the countertop sealer has dried, implement a water drop test to guarantee the sealer is giving ample protection. Pour some water on the countertop and let it sit on the counter for ten minutes. Using a soft cloth, soak up the water. If you see the dark spots, then you will have to apply the sealant again. Allow it to dry overnight and execute the water drop test again. The concrete countertop is protected when it does not get dark.

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